Your Support

In several different iterations, Atelier Novotny has had an online presence since early 2000s. Its current aim is to function as an online learning platform.

As with anything worthwhile, it requires time, resources, focus and motivation. Your support is vital. If you like and enjoy what I do and feel compelled to help, there are 5 ways you can do so.

1. Share

The easiest way to help is to subscribe to my newsletter (scroll down or click the link) and share my videos, paintings and articles with your friends on social media. What I get from this is feedback and consequently motivation. There’s nothing more precious to keep me going.

2. Become a Collector

The most appropriate monetary contribution is purchasing my work and becoming a collector. Makes sense if you like what I do. Not only I get the satisfaction of appreciation and some return as to my creative output but you receive a physical manifestation of your support and something to be kept in your family for generations to come.

In case you are interested in becoming a collector, please browse through my current portfolio for art available for sale. Alternatively, feel free to contact me regarding availability of any work you’ve seen on my website or social sites.

3. Premium Lessons

Premium lessons coming soon!

4. Become a Patron

Why Become a Patron

I very much appreciate having you here and love that you’re enjoying what I do. Since art reaches beyond the individual, I want to share my discoveries freely with anyone ready to learn more about art, the world and themselves. I expect nothing in return. My reason behind setting up my Patreon page, however, is to get help with funding the production of my videos. The videos are very demanding and require quite a lot of work and production time, but also gear and software, which can get very pricey. This is where your patronage comes in. With your donations I can update my equipment, improve the production quality or simply buy more paint and other supplies. All of your donations go towards increasing the production value of my videos, so they better serve you and are more enjoyable to watch.

How to Become a Patron

Patronage is a long-term donation program. You can pledge any amount that you find appropriate. Pledges are per video, therefore you will be charged for each released video. My regular schedule is 1 video per week. You can pledge as low as $1 per video. If I fail to publish a video in any particular week, you won’t get charged anything. At the same time I promise not to exceed 4 videos per month (or 5 if there’s 5 Sundays in a month).

You can become a patron by clicking the “Become a patron” button on my Patreon page. The process is very simple. You are required to register using your e-mail address or your Facebook account. Once your account is created, you can choose the amount you wish to pledge and simply send the money using your credit card or Paypal account. You will be automatically debited the same amount at the beginning of each month. This means that if you pledged $1 and I release 4 videos, you get charged $4 at the beginning of the next month. You can also adjust or terminate your pledge at any time with no penalty or additional cost.


Traditionally, becoming a patron entitles the Patron to receive a reward from the artist as a token of gratitude and appreciation. That’s why I set up a Rewards system on my Patreon page. The Rewards system works on the principle of tiers, where each tier grants the patron a reward inherent to the particular tier.

  1. Hi-Resolution Desktop Wallpapers with a Supporter Badge when you pledge $1 or more per Video demonstration: You’ll receive a set of digital hi-resolution desktop wallpapers of my artwork with a Patron badge.
  2. Store-wide Discount when you pledge $5 or more per Video demonstration: You’ll get a “Patreon Supporter” exclusive discount code to my store (15% off your next order). You’ll also receive all previous rewards.
  3. Name In The Credits when you pledge $20 or more per Video demonstration: As a patron, you’ll be recognized for making my work possible by being listed in the credits on an upcoming video. You’ll also receive all previous rewards.

5. Become a One-time Supporter

The final form of monetary contribution is a one-time donation. If you’d like to show your appreciation and support me, my work and my website without becoming a patron, you can do so by donating an arbitrary amount of money via Payal’s “Donate” button. The service is provided by PayPal and the process is secure and safe. PayPal account is not required.

6. Become a Guest Artist

Finally, you can use as an outlet for sharing your creative ideas on art theory and practice. This introduces more variety and makes Atelier Novotny accessible to a wider audience. Please visit the “contributors” page to read more about collaboration options.

Thank you

Whatever the form of your support, be it patronage or a simple comment, for any and all of it I am sincerely grateful.