Your Support

In several different iterations, Atelier Novotny has had an online presence since early 2000s. Its current aim is to function as an online learning platform.

As with anything worthwhile, it requires time, resources, focus and motivation. Your support is vital. If you like and enjoy what I do and feel compelled to help, there are 5 ways you can do so.

1. Share

The easiest way to help is to subscribe to my newsletter (scroll down or click the link) and share my videos, paintings and articles with your friends on social media. What I get from this is feedback and consequently motivation. There’s nothing more precious to keep me going.

2. Become a Collector

The most appropriate monetary contribution is purchasing my work and becoming a collector. Makes sense if you like what I do. Not only I get the satisfaction of appreciation and some return as to my creative output but you receive a physical manifestation of your support and something to be kept in your family for generations to come.

In case you are interested in becoming a collector, please browse through my current portfolio for art available for sale. Alternatively, feel free to contact me regarding availability of any work you’ve seen on my website or social sites.

3. Premium Courses

Coming soon!

4. Become a One-time Supporter

The final form of monetary contribution is a one-time donation. If you’d like to show your appreciation and support me, my work and my website without becoming a patron, you can do so by donating an arbitrary amount of money via Payal’s “Donate” button. The service is provided by PayPal and the process is secure and safe. PayPal account is not required.

5. Collaborate

Finally, you can use as an outlet for sharing your creative ideas on art theory and practice. Collaborate with me and become a guest artist. This introduces more variety and makes Atelier Novotny accessible to a wider audience. Please visit the “contributors” page to read more about collaboration options.

Thank you

Whatever the form of your support, be it patronage or a simple comment, for any and all of it I am sincerely grateful.