Creating Mood. Watercolor Video Demonstration

In this demonstration, my aim is to create a picture with some mystery. In short, mood in watercolor can be achieved by suppressing background detail and incorporating variety of edge quality. More soft and diffused shapes should be placed in the background from which emerges the main subject. The connection between background and foreground is seamless and natural. Enjoy! -Daniel

Review: Noodler’s Ink Black Fountain Pen Ink

Hi everyone and welcome back! Today I finally review the great Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink! It’s probably safe to say that Noodler’s Black is not only one of the most popular black fountain pen inks out there but one of the most popular fountain pen inks of all time. Noodler’s Ink is a brand that doesn’t need much introduction. Not on my blog anyway. I…

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Portrait Painting. Watercolor Video Demonstration

You can notice that I use a lot of paint even for my skin color, which is light in value, but strength of even the lightest values shouldn’t be understated. This is a lesson worth repeating, remember to use a lot of paint for strong results. Don’t paint with water, paint with paint. Color-wise this particular painting relies on contrast in terms of color intensity…

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Review: Gama Forever Black Ebonite Fountain Pen

Hi everyone and welcome back for another fountain pen review! Today I review another Indian pen – Gama Forever. It’s my understanding that Gama is one of the bigger Indian pen brands. They make quite a few pen models. The pen reviewed here is named Forever and it’s an eyedropper filler made from black Ebonite, with Ebonite feed and gold colored highlights. I’ve been looking…

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Book Review: Gilles Néret’s Henri Matisse Cut-Outs

Matisse’s cut-outs “have been taken for the last hobby of a crippled old man, whereas they are… ‘the end-product of an entire life of work and the flowering of an enormous, sincere and difficult effort’…” I agree with the latter. And that’s why I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I really love Matisse’s work and this final period of his life is my absolute favorite. I…

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Review: Noodler’s Ink Neponset Red Rebellion Ripple Ebonite Fountain Pen

Hi everyone and welcome back for another fountain pen review! Today we are going to take a look at the most recent addition to the Noodler’s Ink lineup – the Neponset. With the Neponset, Noodler’s Ink promised to make a pen unlike any other on the market. It was to be a step up from their previous models in terms of nib performance and overall…

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