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Russell Black­


Professional Artist, Workshop Instructor & Contributor to

“When I paint I take large flat brushes, loaded with bold color, and try to capture my view of the world, my personal experiences and impressions. Hopefully, if I’ve done my job correctly, I can communicate how I feel to you the viewer and take you on a journey into my world.”

For over 40 years, Russell Black has entertained us with his unique vision of how things might be.

Russell’s Articles

Virgil Carter

Virgil Carter

Virgil paints primarily in watercolor, but also in gouache and mixed media. He is a representational painter, focusing on landscape and architecture/urban subjects. Rather than striving for strict realism, however, Virgil, attempts to communicate a personal and expressive interpretation of his subjects, primarily through use of rich color and design.  Virgil’s global travels and his love of historical places influence his choice of subjects, ranging from urban locations such as New York, Rome and Paris to small townships and scenic rural areas in the U. S., as well as rural settings in England, France and Italy.

Virgil spends hours each week seeking out, photographing, sketching and studying landscapes and small townships and buildings which may often be taken for granted, if consciously considered at all.

Virgil uses these, and other readily familiar subjects, interpreting them, often reinventing them using color and an artist’s expression as major tools. The results are paintings with strong, colorful shapes and scenes that offer new opportunities to consider and appreciate the value that his subjects contribute to the richness of life.

Virgil’s Articles