“Experiencing world one shape at a time…”
Daniel Novotny – Artist, Producer & Founder of Atelier Novotny

Artist’s Statement

I believe that the life of an artist is a path of inner transformation. Our understanding relies upon our ability to reach beyond our ego. In order to get to know ourselves in the world and the world reflecting in us, we have to recognize the context in which we create.

My efforts on this website aim to encourage you to study and practice. To recognize and understand. Ultimately, to evolve. For evolution within transforms the world without.

To learn more about my outlook on the creative process and the function of art, read my series of articles titled Think & Paint.

Atelier Novotny

Atelier Novotny – Learn to think & paint in watercolor

In several different iterations, Atelier Novotny has had an online presence since early 2000s. Its current aim is to function as an online teaching platform. My desire goes beyond that of a novice workbook. I strive to convey context and aim at providing a complete experience, both within and without.

As I am primarily a watercolorist, the content is geared towards painters working in this media. For the most part, however, the principles are universal so that regardless of the technique you use, benefit can be applied in your own work.

There are four pillars on which my teaching is based: Inspiration, Idea, Expression and Design. Through the understanding of these four areas we can recognize our function as artists in the world. We begin to understand ourselves and build upon our natural inclinations. Ultimately, we can become the artists we were meant to be.

Books and publications

Portrait Revolution 2017 book project
Portrait Revolution 2017 book project


  • 2014/1: The St. Petersburg Watercolor Society – Art-Bridge-Watercolor-2013; Diploma for third degree nomination in Genre watercolor
  • 2013/9: Slovak national art competition Vytvarne spektrum 2013; Honorable Mention (National stage)
  • 2013/4: Slovak national art competition Vytvarne spektrum 2013; First Prize (Regional stage)


  • Contemporary International Watercolor Museum; Fabriano, Italy
  • VIZart Watercolour Museum; Tirana, Albania
  • The Stable Gallery; Church Square, Inveraray, Argyll, PA32 8TY, Scotland, United Kingdom; Phone +44(0)1499 302800; E-mail: enquiries@thestablegallery.com

Notable Exhibitions


Fabriano in Acquarello

Fabriano, Italy

International Watercolor Society event in Fabriano, Italy.


Face to Face: 5 Years of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

San Francisco, USA

A celebration of portrait.


Art Spectrum 2013

Nitra, Slovakia

A national competition. Won first prize across all media.


Daniel Novotny – Akvarely


My first solo show.

All Shows

  • 2017/4: Fabriano in Acquarello; Fabriano, Italy
  • 2016/9: Freedom of Self Expression – Budapest International Watercolour Festival; Budapest, Hungary
  • 2016/4: Vytvarne spektrum 2016; Nitra, Slovakia
  • 2016/2: Vytvarne spektrum 2016; Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2015/11: VIZart International Watercolor Festival 2015; Palace of Congress, National Historical Museum, Tirana, Albania
  • 2015/3: Face to Face: 5 Years of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party; Alley Cat Gallery, 3036 24th Street, San Francisco, USA
  • 2014/11: Daniel Novotny – Akvarely; 3Galeria, Podhajska 931, Slovakia
  • 2014/4: Vytvarne spektrum 2014; Nitra, Slovakia
  • 2014/2: Vytvarne spektrum 2014; Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2013/9: Vytvarne spektrum 2013; Trencin, Slovakia
  • 2013/7: Daniel Novotny – Côte d’Azur; Aquario Shopping Center, Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2013/4: Vytvarne spektrum 2013; Nitra, Slovakia
  • 2013/2: Vytvarne spektrum 2013; Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2013/1: Daniel Novotny – Côte d’Azur; Anton Bernolak Library, Turecka 36, Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2009/11: Daniel Novotny – Akvarely; Anton Bernolak Library, Nove Zamky, Slovakia