Hi and welcome back. If you are a regular visitor to ateliernovotny.com then you certainly noticed a wave of design changes that started appearing on my website since last week. Today I want to very briefly explain what is going on.

Earlier last week I had executed a regular scheduled maintenance. What this entails in particular is irrelevant but for the most part it’s an updating process so the entire website keeps running well and, most of all, safely. Despite my best efforts the updates caused some corruption to my data. Or rather the update was so massive that it disrupted the previous settings I had set. Fortunately, no content was affected but the design layout had to be reworked from scratch. Despite having made thorough backups I decided not to load them as it would not only take a long time to restore the site, but the updates would eventually need to be installed either way.

Therefore I played around with my design layout until I found one that is close enough to what you’d been used to from before the updates. I could have taken the site off line, preventing you from experiencing it in such state but all of the content would be unavailable to view. This would affect the “Whitney patterns” series which was supposed to start releasing at that time.

There’s a few other changes that I considered necessary for the website to be fast, smooth and responsive. As a response to terrible lags that had been plaguing my site for weeks, I decided to disable the comment notification system. The system sent you an email notifying you about any replies to your comments left on my website. This functionality caused an enormous lag when simply visiting and browsing the site, not to mention creating content on the back end. Another change that I decided to make is removing advertisements from the site completely, keeping it very clean and distraction-free. They were generating some revenue but I was not content with having them on the website. The ads were also hindering the site’s performance and despite my efforts in requesting to only show relevant ads, this setting didn’t seem to be taken seriously. The rest of the changes are not so noticeable to you as a reader but also had great impact on performance and should make your experience much smoother and faster.

Thanks to all of you for patience and understanding and I hope you’ll enjoy these improvements.


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